UMW 4 Seasons Bazaar

The 2019 UMW Four Seasons Bazaar is set for November 9th

by Melissa Luebbe and Jeanne Gee

four seasons bazaar logo

Saturday November 9th 8:30 – 2:00

The Seward United Methodist Women have sponsored an Annual Four Seasons Bazaar every fall for 67 years to support our mission programs within the life of our church as well as in our state, nation and throughout the world. The bazaar offers a Coffee Shop, Kountry Kitchen, and our Gift Shop filled with unique handmade items for ‘All Seasons Gift Giving’.

What’s New in 2019

There will be a plethora of items as usual, most from the hands of live-long crafters, bakers, semstresses, woodworkers and many other talents to numerous to mention.

Homemade items for the 2016 UMW Bazaar
Homemade items for the 2016 UMW Bazaar

Information Contacts

If you are interested in volunteering … or have questions, please contact: Jeanne Gee, Carol Zak, Linda Eberspacher or Phyllis Hronik.

tag being creative as a way of life*NOTE* All Seward United Methodist Church members are invited to contribute to the success of the 2019 UMW Annual Bazaar. Information sheets will be available soon with dates, times and instructions for donating to the bazaar.