Gather & Grow seeking commitments for New Addition

New Addition Features

Covered Main Entrance

  • Identifiable
  • Accessible
  • Safe
  • Convenient

South Parking Area

  • Safe Off-Street
  • Convenient Access to Sanctuary
  • Convenient Access to BBCDC

South Addition

  • Large, Open Lobby
  • Enhanced Security
  • Restrooms near the Sanctuary
  • Additional Offices
  • Sacristy

BBCDC Improvements

  • Secure, Convenient Entry
  • New Main Office
  • Additional Classroom

The Gather and Grow Committee at Seward United Methodist Church invites you to support the New South Addition Building Fund with your prayers and gifts. Please feel free to contact any one of us with your questions or concerns.

  • Kiersten Hill
  • Roy and Leanne Josoff
  • Jim and Maggan Quist
  • Carla Schwahn
  • Lori Shriner
  • Merlyn Nielsen
  • Reverend Mary Kay Totty

Holy God, you who built the universe, lead our congregation in our Gather and Grow building project. We are grateful for our faith ancestors who established this church. Thank you for a vision of how we can adapt and expand our building to be more welcoming, more accessible and better equipped for ministry in today’s world. Guide this project and help us accomplish it. Through generosity and working together, grant that we may easily raise the funds needed. As we work together, draw us closer together as a congregation, deepen our care for one another and enable us to continue making a difference in Seward and beyond.


The Building Committee has been meeting regularly for several years, developing the New South Addition Plan early in 2021. They continue to work assuring the plans provide the best solutions for the needs of the congregation and the ministry of the Seward United Methodist Church.

  • Maxine Moore
  • Greg and Dixie Zabka
  • Jack and Lynette Broderick
  • Tom and Janni Hansen
  • Jeff and Donna Maly

New Main/BBCDC Entrances, Additional Office Space, Expanded Parking and Covered Drop-off

Seward United Methodist Church is a welcoming congregation that is ready to grow, and we want our welcome to be plainly visible to all in the community.

Proposed South Addition (Download Brochure)

We are a gathering place for people to worship, learn and grow in God’s love. We have long been a church family where worship starts on Sunday and continues throughout the week with special worship opportunities including all those important life events. Outreach is an integral mission which includes a faith-based daycare, healthy lifestyle ministries, FoodNet food pantry as well as partnerships with numerous community organizations in Seward County.

Every Gift Makes a Difference

The Gather and Grow Committee is asking church members and friends to prayerfully consider supporting the New South Addition Plan developed with the guidance of the Building Committee by returning pledge cards or donations (select Gather and Grow from drop-down menu).

The Gather and Grow Capital Campaign Team and the Building Improvement Committee are excited to have broken ground on Sunday, June 5th. We look forward as a church community to this exciting new chapter as our building project gets underway.

Check our Facebook page and weekly newsletter for continued updates on the progress of the project and more opportunities to continue to financially support our expansion.

Gather and Grow Funding Campaign

We are stepping forward in faith as a congregation on the move, expanding familiar spaces to invite more people inside. Please pray that the necessary gifts and pledges will be raised for advancing the work of Seward United Methodist Church in Seward and beyond.

New Addition – Exterior

  • new addition front ground view
  • new addition front view

New Addition – Interior

  • New Addition Lobby

New Addition – Panorama Video

Aerial View
Street View