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Five Spiritual Disciplines to Thrive
I have been thinking about all the reasons Lent is special to me and that this time of year means so much. It is a time to reflect on our Christian walk and make needed adjustments which include the adding of some things and the deleting of somethings. I have added some spiritual disciplines this year which have allowed me more time with God and taken away some of the distractions by deleting some things as well. As we approach Easter we are called to consider how Jesus affects us personally, in a real and meaningful way.

It is my hope that as you travel the Lenten journey, like me, you will find ways to grow both in faith and in your search for closeness with God. It is my prayer, that as people of faith, others will see what Jesus means to us not only at Lent, but every single day.

Join us at SUMC for the journey as often as you are able… what a great family to thrive with!

Love and prayers,
Jo Ellen