The Building and Improvements Committee is charged with planning for the facility needs of our congregation. Recent issues with an ageing HVAC system and on-going issues related to building codes have been identified as the immediate needs for the Seward United Methodist Church. What follows is an overview of the committee’s current and future plans.

Seward is Growing


One hundred lots are outlined by the golf course and four hundred lots are planned north of Waverly Road. It is expected that forty or more new homes will need to be built every year to keep pace with demand. Seward has an active university, cultural and arts venues, excellent school systems, a new library, excellent medical system and extended living facilities. Seward County is thriving and is currently home to 27 churches.

Seward Facts
  • Seward is consistently ranked among the top ten cities in which to live in Nebraska
  • 10% population growth over the past five years
  • Roughly 62% work outside Seward County, most families remain here on weekends

Seward is only going to get bigger and we need to be able to accommodate that growth which includes our church facilities.

Faithfulness Today


In order to be a safe and secure facility; we need fire suppression and HVAC for the remainder of the church. At present, we are operating under the grace of the Nebraska State Fire Marshall as our building does not meet current fire codes. While our heating and air problems have been solved for the sanctuary, the remainder of the building uses the old system which is nearing end-of-expected-life.

Estimated Cost
  • $153,000 for Fire Suppression
  • $400,000 for HVAC
  • Fire Suppression — July 30, 2016
  • HVAC — December 31, 2016

Securing Tomorrow


Many of us have been able to raise our families in this church; others are just starting this journey.  Life’s significant events occur within the church including baptisms, confirmations, graduations, weddings, family celebrations, and funerals. Our church is our spiritual home. The “Securing Tomorrow” project is about leaving a legacy for future generations in a way that is responsible and of appropriate scale for both our current and future needs.

Current Facility Usage
Time Period People/Period People
Daily 60 people x 260 business days 15,600
Weekly 481 people x 52 weeks 25,012
Monthly 335 people x 12 month 4,020
Periodic 4,129 x 1 year 4,129
TOTAL average 134 per day 48,761
Future Facility Needs Identified

Several new, expanded or updated facilities have been identified as future needs based upon feedback from church staff and members. An expanded fellowship area, updated kitchen, new modern office & meeting spaces, covered front door drop-off, additional handicapped accessible rest rooms, and additional off-street parking. This list is not exhaustive nor is it prioritized. Below is a more detailed lists of needs in each general area.

Expanded Facility Needs
  • Additional modern office space
  • Space for coping and printing
  • Additional modern meeting rooms
  • Expanded Fellowship space
  • Expanded Welcome Center
  • Dedicated storage space
  • Off-street parking
Updated Facility Needs
  • Wireless Internet
  • Kitchen – new gas stoves to meet fire code regulations
  • Kitchen – updates to include modern functionality
  • BBCDC Daycare – updates to include modern functionality
Accessibility Facilities Needs
  • Covered front door drop-off for sanctuary
  • Handicapped accessible restrooms near sanctuary
  • Showers

Where Planning Currently Stands


These are the identified facility needs for the future of our church membership. No specific plans for future building addition(s) are currently in place. Tentative plans do allocate space requirements and outline a timetable for the building process. There will be plenty of time for input from the church membership.

Estimated Costs is approximately $2.5 million
Estimated Timeframe is currently December 31, 2021