Our Mission

The Witness Committee strives to enhance the following three main purposes for the Seward United Methodist church.


   To promote our presence within the community and to educate the congregation on our call, mission and vision as we live our faith. We do this through our Website, Facebook pages, the Seward Independent, brochures and advertisements. The intent is to inform members within the church as well as the people of the local community.


   To bring in new visitors through effective advertising and marketing. To offer hospitality to the stranger, being open and welcoming to everyone. To oversee the Welcome Center and try to insure each visitor is warmly greeted.


   To monitor the membership roles and promote active participation of members in the mission of the church. We strive to involve our church in community by sponsoring activities during the Seward Fourth of July Celebration, Trunk or Treat, as well as other periodic events.

Meeting Minutes

The minutes to all committee meetings can be accessed on-line but are password protected to prevent unauthorized access. Anyone can view this page by entering Seward’s zip code when asked for the password.

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