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Upcoming Ministry and Fellowship Events

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Front Porch Faith

Front Porch Faith

Join us for lemonade/water, devotion, prayer and a welcoming space to gather this Summer. All ages welcome!

  • Thursday, August 29th @ 7:00pm with the Perry’s, 2137 Meadow Lane.
  • Tuesday, September 3rd @ 9:30am with the Hronick’s, 1927 North Columbia Avenue.

Rally Sunday School Kickoff

Join us with worship at 8:15/10:30am and Sunday School Kick-Off from 9:30-10:20 for our day of celebrating a new school year at Seward United Methodist Church. We will have special snacks at fellowship times following the worship services as well as special activities for Sunday School.

Regular schedules for Sunday School will begin on September 8th at 9:30. Classes will be for ages nursery through adult. Make plans to be a part of the discipleship ministries at Seward United Methodist Church and bring a friend! If you would like to teach/help/serve please contact Pastor Jo Ellen soon.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon

Seward United Methodist Church will again be hosting a luncheon for all of Seward County Law Enforcement and First Responders on Friday, August 23rd in the Fellowship Hall at 11:00 am. If you would like to help provide food for this special meal or help serve, please let Jim Eitel know.

We want to thank all of our county officers and first responders for all the good they do in our community and for serving each and every day to keep us all living in a safer place. Many thanks to all who have served in the past and to those who serve still today!