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Seward United Methodist Church Worship Staff
In-Person Worship and Ministry as per Revised Covid 19 Operation Plan

We are so glad we can update and connect with you virtually via Email, Facebook, YouTube. We are using the Seward County Four Corners health risk dial along with revised guidance as of October 5th from the Seward United Methodist Administrative Council to direct our in-person ministry activities. The following will be the Seward United Methodist Church Sunday morning schedule unless modified as per the Covid-19 Operation Plan and changes in the Four Corners health risk dial.

  • 8:00am *Traditional Worship
  • 9:30am Confirmation
  • 9:30am **Fellowship Time
  • 10:30am *Praise Worship

*We are currently having in-person Sunday Worship Services (also live streamed online on Facebook and YouTube).

**Fellowship Time starts February 7th online, request a Zoom link from Pastor Jo Ellen.

All Church Conference Meeting – South Addition Building Resolutions

There will be a called church conference on February 28, 2021 at 2:00pm. All members are encouraged to attend the called church conference on Sunday afternoon. Church conference will be in person and simultaneously on Zoom. This church conference vote will only commit the congregation to the design phase of the project.

Building Improvement Committee Draft Resolutions
  1. Seward United Methodist Church approve completing the design process for a South Addition to our property working with Clark Enerson Partners for a cost of about $64.500.
  2. When the design is complete, Seward United Methodist Church authorizes Clark Enerson to put the project out for bid.
  3. When bids are received, Seward United Methodist Church will hold another Church Conference to vote on whether to accept a bid and enter into a South Addition Building Project.
  4. Seward United Methodist Church establish a fund-raising task force/capital campaign team to begin securing the funding for this project. This task force will begin working as soon as possible
Church Conference Agenda
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Opening Prayer
  • Brief Presentation about the Project
  • Sharing of the Resolution
  • Conversation and Questions about the Resolution
  • Vote on the Resolution
  • If affirmative: Nominations from Lay Leadership for Fundraising Task Force
  • Benediction Adjournment
Building ‘South Addition’ Presentation
January 31st Building Improvement Committee Presentation (watch on Facebook)

Love and prayers,

Pastor Mary Kay, Pastor Jo Ellen, Terri and Wess

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